• The journey to the stars we all wished for





    Room-scale VR



    English, French (Chinese coming soon)



    1. Earth
    2. Solar System
    3. Planets
    4. Saturn
    5. Milky Way
    6. Beyond



    Where do we stand in the universe?

    For the first time in history, humanity can see for itself.


    Using scientific data from NASA and the European Space Agency, OVERVIEW is an interactive experience with real positions for all the planets, stars and galaxies that we know of.


    Created by space mavericks Orbital Views with film director Paul Mezier, OVERVIEW is an accurate and poetic depiction of our story in the cosmos.


    How far are we from the Sun? How big is our galaxy? What does it feel like to be inside a nebula? You can now find your own answers to these questions.


    Space exploration is at your fingertips.




    Producer - Amaury Solignac


    Director - Paul Mezier


    Narrators - Anthony Hyde (EN) - JF Clervoy (FR)


    Sound Designer - Bastien Varigault


    End Music Composer - Grégoire Lourme


    VR/UX advisor - Vincent Rieuf


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