• Space tourism reloaded

    Virtual reality in true weightlessness

    Our world premiere

    ESA astronaut Jean-François Clervoy exploring the Moon in true lunar gravity!

    Earth - Moon - Mars

    World exclusive space experiences

    in true weightlessness and partial gravity!




    June 22, 2017

  • How does it feel to fly in space?

    Try virtual reality on a parabolic flight


    We are opening a whole new direction for space tourism: the next best thing to actually being in space.


    Join us on our next flight, and enjoy spectacular space scenery while floating in true weightlessness: a complete space experience!


    Virtual Reality is everywhere

    We're taking it where it's never been before

    We designed a platform for virtual reality in weightlessness, through a partnership with Novespace, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency operating parabolic flights for the public on a regular basis.

    Our technology -which took two years to develop- opens new horizons in astronaut training... and otherworldly experiences for our clients!


    We provide the view

    To create unforgettable memories


    Marvel at celestial bodies from orbit, relive exciting historical moments, get a grasp of our position in the cosmos...


    It's all about feeling you are truly there... The sky is no limit! Watch the Earth in true weightlessness, walk on the Moon in real lunar gravity, make your first step on Mars!



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  • Not ready to fly yet?

    We also organize memorable corporate events

    Moonwalk experience

    Relive the historical events of the first Moon landing... on the Earth! Our lunar gravity simulator can accommodate large groups to provide with a truly forgettable experience.